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Ever start a healthy eating and exercise program... lose momentum, then inexplicably end up quitting? If you answered yes and want out of this cycle then you are on the right website. BBEX specializes in making fitness stick for the long-term. We coach successful & driven people to becoming the shot callers in their lives around fitness. The self discovery & mastry that they gain through our programs further enhances ALL that they do in life.  Our clients enjoy fitness results no matter what training programs they implement & enjoy freedom around fitness. Learning to master the thinking, doing, & being of fitness is what makes it become a second nature habit. Now is the time for you to erase the struggle & claim both ownership & ease around personal fitness for the rest of your life. What you look like & feel like, plus the energy that you experience in life is truly up to you. With us, master what it takes to become your very own Better Body Expert today... because no one can or should know your body  & mind better than you could!

There are more gyms, more fitness trainers, more boot camps, more gadgets, eBooks and books than ever before. America is 65% overweight of that population 35% are obese and sicker than ever. Something just isn't right with this picture.  Each fitness approach will work for someone, but which approach or approaches will authentically work for you?  

We blend sports psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, exercise physiology, and human ontology with our science based nutritional plans & exercise routines.
People who do not naturally have a knack for incorporating fitness 
benefit greatly from specialized training & coaching around creating a new powerful & personal mindset to pair with their physical efforts. New-found awareness helps our clients to effectively sift through all of the random fitness options and create sustainable & unique approach that fits & evolves yielding them results that last long after they work with BBEX.

Unfortunately, fitness and healthy eating shows up as one of those areas of weakness, lack of awareness & struggle for most humans on the planet. At Better Body Expert we work with people around the globe to access their best thinking and best doing in order to enjoy life at their physical best. 

 Mastering your own “special blend” of personal fitness awakens possibility in all other areas of life and truly expands the quality of living. Why not begin the journey of becoming your very own Better Body Expert?  Let us help you or your group make amazing health and a higher quality living a reality. Work 1on1 with Andre Farnell, purchase a product or work with us in a program or seminar (12 plus people needed). Have us deliver a workshop or seminar for your organization and drive up the utilization of your existing health & wellness initiatives.  We see fitness is a tool to access strength, self-expression, fun, productivity and expanded living.

Get started on receiving the most from your body today! Purchase "The Fitness Blueprint". Use and master this 12 part fitness guide book today. 

We believe that personal responsibility, thinking, strength and expanded living will positively impact the world.   Sign up for the Newsletter on this page and become a BBEX insider.  Get exclusive tips and insights for becoming your very own Better Body Expert! No one should know your body and mind better than you. Bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it when it comes to fitness and nutrition in your life. 

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“A workout is a triumph against procrastination and laziness and an investment in excellence!”

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by Andre Farnell on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oftentimes additional head knowledge is not needed in order for us 
to take on a new beneficial action and make it a habit. There is a gap between "knowing" exactly what to do and taking action for a lot of people, when it comes to areas of struggle. Fitness is one of those areas for millions.
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by Andre Farnell on Monday, December 02, 2013

   Make a habit of what it
    truly takes to be fit!

Fitness Secrets, Action
Sheets, Tips &
Motivation Galore!   

May as well Taste good...

If it has to be healthy!




Become Your Very Own Better Body Expert

Are you simply too busy to exercise? Do you lack motivation or energy to work out consistently. Have you gotten into great shape before and fell off of the wagon?  We Specialize in Training busy and successful people to indefinitely build and maintain bodies that fit their lives!

We here at Better Body Expert LLC stand by the idea that it is possible for you to have it all. You can be a workaholic, super "busy" successful person and still get into, maintain, and enjoy living in the best shape of your life! Our clients DO it every day! Executives, celebrities, entrepreneurs and every day people with their plates full are finally finding it possible to gain lasting fitness results. They no longer compromise their health in order to get things done efficiently.

-Enjoy more than enough energy to enjoy life.
-Look Better
-Feel Younger
-Think Clearer
-Get more restful sleep.
-Have Expanded levels of health.
-Delay an Defy family history of disease.
-Live longer and healthier.

Our clientele believe that deep down inside that they deserve to live the lives that they  desire, without compromising their health. They know that "balancing it all, and not settling" includes enjoying high levels of fitness. Tap into lasting results Now! Own the tools to manufacture motivation at will to exercise. Enjoy the added energy from taking action every day around who you are becoming internally and externally. Our clients become indefinitely fit and get to reap the many benefits of consistent exercise and healthy eating for a lifetime. Our clients transform fitness from a cumbersome chore into a healthy productivity boosting habit. Choose from our various fitness products, workshops, seminars and DVD's. or work personally with 20yr. world renown Fitness Mindset Coach™ and fitness expert Andre Farnell CSCS. He is the developer of the "Better Body Method TM" of training. This elastic innovative system is for all who are tired of settling for so, so or even good results when it comes to fitness. Are you ready to add the tool of expanded fitness,wellness and all that it adds to your life? BBEX furnishes the mental and physical tools needed to create a New seamless habit.

Isn't it time that you took a NEW approach? Face the fact that simply knowing "what to do" and "how to do" fitness doesn't matter if it's not getting done. Training both brain and body simultaneously is necessary and WE CAN HELP.

Browse this webpage and learn more. Check out the eBook "The Fitness Blueprint" now and take action! We dare you to challenge "what is" in order to enjoy the level of well-being that you desire.

Book a talk, seminar, workshop, or one-on-one coaching/consulting with Andre Farnell click the button below. Experience the power of The Better Body Method firsthand!

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